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NYXSYS’s Content Management System delivers end-to-end, customized, and high-tech solutions to your DOOH business.


Iconic Brands Choose NYXSYS.

They demand results. We deliver.

Reduce Costs,
Optimize Impact

With NYXSYS's Content Management, expect up to 30% savings on operational expenses without compromising on campaign effectiveness. Streamline your strategy and budget for efficiency that accelerates growth.​


Display Software

VCastPlay revolutionizes DOOH with smart features like remote content uploading and AI-driven adaptability. Experience the power of technology that keeps your message fresh and relevant, anytime, anywhere.​


Expertise On-Demand: Your Personal Content Strategist

Always just a chat or call away, our dedicated Content Management Specialists provide personalized support for your complex needs. We’re here to ensure your campaign thrives in the fast-paced world of DOOH.​


Analytics Engineered for Action

NYXSYS transforms raw data into a strategic asset. Our advanced analytics provide a comprehensive understanding of your campaign's effectiveness and the ROI it delivers.​

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We are fortunate to have Nyxsys as one of our partners, having the Iconic in our arsenal for our clients' DOOH needs. They serve with diligence and effectiveness in regard to our requests and are easy to do business with, which has made them our go-to staple for anything OOH.​

Samuel Arroyo

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In addition to securing the highly sought-after LED placements along Edsa, Nyxsys has consistently been my preferred out-of-home (OOH) partner. Their swift and dependable approach in fulfilling my client's OOH needs has been invaluable. Their adaptability and willingness to assist agencies generously further highlight their strengths.​

Kate Tibayan

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In terms of service, we cannot complain because Nyxsys is very prompt and accommodating whenever we have any queries or questions.​

Monica Manuel

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Nyxsys Team has provided timely services as well as clear and easy communications even through tight and demanding deadlines. LED location is also ideal since it is a high visibility prime area​.

Jerunia Fuertes

Sony Columbia

We’ll guide you from start to finish


Stategize with Our Experts

Tap into Expertise:
Collaborate with our expert Content Management Specialist who will guide you end-to-end, from initial budget planning to post-campaign analytics, ensuring your vision is perfectly executed.


Centralize with Our Dashboard

All-Access Control: Log into the client dashboard to gain full visibility over your campaigns. This central hub is where you can monitor all you screens, check campaign progress, and obtain proof of airing, all updated in real-time.


Connect and Communicate

Direct Line to Support:
Use the client dashboard to seamlessly communicate with your dedicated Content Management Specialist, who is ready to assist with any aspect of your campaign for optimal performance.


Analyze and Optimized

Data at Your Fingertips: Leverage our advanced analytics to gain real-time insights into the status of your screens and the impact of your campaigns, allowing for rapid optimization and smarter decision-making.


We combine technology and over 10 years of experience to deliver top-notch content management for your business.

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